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Brake Disc and Brake Drum

Brake Disc and Brake Drum

Brake Disc

When the brake is applied, a system that extends from the brake pedal to the tires is activated. One of the most important parts of this system is the brake disc. When the brake is depressed, discs are used to prevent the deceleration of the vehicle from moving to the left and to complete the deceleration on a smooth path. The brake pads allow you to stop or slow down these discs.

Brake Drum

The drum is part of a brake system for slowing the rotational speed of the rear tires and preventing the vehicle from stopping and skidding. Drums are like a stew pot that everyone knows. This part is made of cast iron. The rear torsion serves to reduce the speed of the linings, which are connected to the shaft axis and are driven by the hydraulic brake system from the inside, by rubbing against the inner surface. In vehicles, the front brakes help stop the vehicle, while the rear brakes provide a stable stop by preventing the vehicle from rolling away.

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