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Brake Pads & Brake Linings

Brake Pads & Brake Linings

Brake Pads

The brake pads used in automotive brakes are made from a combination of many substances. The basic properties required from a brake lining are abrasion resistance and friction coefficient. The brake pads overheat due to friction during braking. The braking performance of the linings may change due to excessive temperature or the linings undergo mechanical deformation. One of the parameters that affect the performance of the brake pad is the mixing time which is one of the important factors in ensuring the homogeneity of the pad.


Brake pads are expected to

  • Constant friction performance under all operating conditions,
  • Friction coefficient is independent of temperature, brake pressure and speed or low friction behavior,
  • High temperature resistance,
  • High thermal conductivity,
  • Good corrosion resistance,
  • High mechanical strength,
  • Low noise level,
  • Not affected by weather conditions,
  • Balata material is harmless to health,
  • High wear resistance and low wear resistance

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