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Clutch Systems

Clutch Systems

It is a system which transmitts the rotation movement of the engine to the powertrain parts. The system is very simple that is a combination of plate, disc and release bearing.

Usage Area

Clutch is a part that cutts off the contact between engine and gearbox and let the driver change the shift or allows to stop the car when the gear is pressed.

Usage Purpose

Clutch is the system which is on duty of transmitting the rotary form movement of a part of a track to an other part on the same axis or of stopping this movement being transmitted. Used in motor vehicles, including motor, gearbox, clutch connected between the axis of the crankshaft and the engine and the gearbox provides the transmission of motion at any time, even though the engine continued to run, stop the transmission of the movement.


• The first movement of the motor during movement of the vehicle wheels passing gradually to ensure smooth passage of the act.

• To change the status of transmission from the engine when the vehicle is in motion to temporarily cut off the gear box, transmission of motion.

• Where necessary, disconnect the driveline, engine power.

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