Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

HANN Auto parts and solutions is in a leader position with its Brand and Technology which makes human life more comfortable, more reliable, better and easier.

Our Mission

To be a progressive and innovative-forerunner company in the automotive industry with all stakeholders who is social responsible, giving value to human being and sensitive to the environment.

BRAND – Personality and Character

HANN is founded to be a World Brand. “Branding” brings respect, power and sustainability. “Branding” differentiates the company from its competitors.

We have formed 5-year “Marketing-Branding Map” to be a globally well-known brand. We analysed our competitors, our products, our customers and we described our priorities to be a sustainable brand. We determined our brand core values and created our logo and brand message with the help of a very professional team. “Value Added Solutions”.

Thus, we had a huge step to be a world known, reliable brand considering the local diversity added strategy.

TOP QUALITY – Perfection and Sustainability

We aim to have a complementary product range. Our product range is formed with high quality standards to give the best answer to our customers. We create our product range, our service level and the way of doing the business according to the customer desires, expectations and the changing the needs of the world.

We present the top quality product and perfect service level to our customers and target to be always one step ahead of our competitors.


HANN gives fast and reliable delivery promise. Our priority is to deliver the customer orders full and in time. We use dynamic-simulation based system for material flow.

In HANN strategic plans, there is the study of developing of a system which enables to make the delivery of 200 customers in 1 hour from taking the order to the packaging and delivery. HANN is aiming to achieve fastest packaging and delivery time in the indusrty with the help of this system.

SALES / TECHNICAL SALES – Knowledge and Solution

HANN Sales and Technical Sales Teams are always by customer side. They find out the customer needs and they form a value chain to give all necessary support to both our customers and our business.

Moreover, they follow the innovations around the world and share with our customers to have them prepare their business according to the changing world. HANN’s target is give the best and the most convenient solutions to its customers.

Our customer relations are created on sustainable flexibility, trust, speed and solution partnership.